“Venice”, dimension H 85 x W 65 cm. Sculptural form in the category of sculpture / fiber art made with knitting machine and collage technique. The materials used are cotton, wire, wooden frame.
The presented medium belongs to the first category in the art that fascinated me as a young student of the Academy of Fine Arts. I have developed it for many years, taking care to bring this technique in the category of artistic fabric to the highest level of workshop.
Being aware of the fact that this technique does not occur at such advanced level in the art space, I proceeded with full courage and freedom to find artistic values where the line of cotton thread builds simple in the structure of the form to reach a rich textural constructor.
In this trivial technique of machine knitting I noticed large artistic potential. This technique is associated mainly with the production of sweaters on industrial scales, socks, and upholstery fabrics. I wanted to change it, I wanted to give a different dimension to the technique of machine knitwear.
At the beginning, these were minimalistic compositions consisting of one or two layers of knitwear.
“Venice” is the last stage of a multi-layered combination of machine knit structure which as a final effect co-exists with its strong texture and light.
The use of silver in the final stage of the work allowed me to obtain additional expression of the material used.
The metallic silver colour applied at the end of my creation was deliberate to completely lose any association with in the natural fibers of cotton.
My goal was to create an abstraction that gives free and unrestricted associations to the viewer.
As in all the media that use daze to break the accepted canons which specify the medium. Personally, this type of challenge inspires me and fascinates me.
Presented art work “Venice” is the highest form of manipulation of the machine knit technique which I have achieved throughout years of exploration.



“Passion” mixed media on canvas. Dimension H 100 x W 150 cm.
This painting represents abstract form of sculpture.
This analysis of lines and textures on a 2D form combines colour. The colour is a new element here that allows me to experience new dimension. A new medium for a new look. The painting’s inspiration came from the early sculptures.
This is another example of my exploration working with the subject of line.

Many feelings


“Many feelings” is a blind embossed relief on Copper. Collages in a form of vertical medium based around the theme of lines and textures.
Relief, a structure resembling miniatures of textile art.
A clever representation of the miniature textile art. The use of metal allows me to have an additional noble effect of presenting the topic.
Another approach at the transparent flow of my art through mediums.
The fascination of the line and the texture begun in the textile art and here is interpreted in a different technique. This gives me a completely new dimension to express.
A beautiful confrontation between the textile art and the graphic technique of a bas relief.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Bozena Kaluga

United Kingdom

B H Kaluga was born in Lodz, Poland 1960. Having grown up in a family with creative roots. She decided to take her Master’s Degree in fiber art and sculpture at Lodz Academy of Art in 1985. The Academy of Art has distinguished her achievements by giving her two awards for her student achievements in 1984 and 1985. After completing her degree, Bozena delved even more into her artistic practice. Lines, texture and further improvement of the used knitting machine technique. Her aim was to master and perfect mediums she uses. She loves to use abstraction. The artist admitted that abstraction gives her wide choice of possibilities to interpret specific subject, it allows the audience to have freedom to see and individually Highly rewarded with awards: 1987 Jugend Gestalte Munich, Germany:

Multi Task Art