The Fitting Room


“The Fitting Room” captures a moment of beauty in time and space. In this fleeting moment, three of my daughters were trying on prom dresses for fun. One was actually in need of a dress. As she stepped onto the mirrored stage of that fitting room, I was awestruck. Her beauty, her sisters’ beauty, and that amazing gown were multiplied in the mirrors and reflections. As she spun, and the gown sparkled in a gossamer, cosmic way, I knew this moment needed to be preserved. I used my cell phone to capture the moment on my camera. I’m in the reflections too. My husband was waiting outside. This painting may connect with a large number of people emotionally, but equally importantly, historically to Neo-Impressionism and Pointillism. I determined an Impressionistic style, with thousands of small brush strokes and optical mixing fit the execution of this rather ordinary subject matter to leave, what I hope, is a lasting impression.

Grief Takes Flight


GRIEF TAKES FLIGHT is the largest painting from my series Perception V Reality that use reflections in a literal and metaphorical way. This painting conveys how human emotion can seem to take on a life of its own. I used the hands reflected to form a bird-like image to show that then we need to release those feelings and let them go.
My love of art and love for people compells me. My intent is to celebrate life and to capture emotion. This piece is a personal triumph because I tackled so many challenges and danced with so many dilemmas

The American Woman


The American Woman is a compilation of physical characteristics representing different Nationalities. The subject gives a blatant nod to her European counterpart the Mona Lisa, but sits in front of spacious sky, waves of grain, purple mountains, desert, and ocean.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Rosanne Coty

United States

Connecting with others visually, encouraging introspection, inspiring, or simply entertaining is my goal. I strive to provide captivating works full of energy that evoke an emotional connection with my viewer. Each piece is intended to elicit a certain response through style, coloration, and thought. I have an inner drive to create which I've honed since my childhood. I am an award winning artist with a BFA from Aquinas College in Liberal Arts and an AFA from Kendall College of Art & Design in Visual Communications in Grand Rapids, U.S.A. I currently work as an Independent Artist and Designer, Photographer, and as an Art Instructor.